Who are we?

We are a 25 year old public relations agency and our core competence is media relations.

Crisis communications

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Has your PR agency kept up with the times or are they still going on spinning the same stories like an old record?

At the end of the day, media is a fast paced industry and your PR agency shouldn’t be stuck in the license raj. Today every decision needs to be swift and every action decisive.

We are a full service public relations firm with expertise in the development and execution of corporate reputation management programs.

These include media coverage, media event planning and communications management. Have a look at our full range of services or a visual example of what PR can achieve.

“We believe, being persuasive without being viewed as intrusive is a skill that only good PR can achieve”

How does Paradigm Shift deliver the most effectivemedia management and public relations solutions?

Best PR Agency Mumbai
“We ensure genuine, believable 3rd party media endorsements without the stigma of “publicity” that's “bought”.

As an agency we are mid-sized but rapidly growing and aggressive in our outlook. Our relatively smaller size allows us to make swift decisions and discard the red tape which surrounds so many of the bigger players.

We have an honest approach to public relations and we believe in factual dissemination of news.

Come to us if you want affordable PR. We won’t lead you up the garden path by suggesting meaningless and costly (profitable to the PR agency!) industry surveys.


PR Agencies and PR Agencies

Spare a moment and ask yourself what kind of a PR agency you want

Reputation management

Do people in suits make the pitch and is the delivery left to the junior most and least experienced?

Does your current PR agency borrow your watch to tell you the time instead of effectively bailing you out of every crisis?

Do staff in your PR agency change jobs, making you brief new ones again and again?


With our core team consisting of Mr Mohan Rajan, with 34 years of public relations experience, hands on and leading from the front, Varsha Talreja, with 7 years experience and Anirudh Rajan with 6 years experience respectively at Paradigm Shift, equally 100% hands on, you will never experience these problems. Find out more about the team


Clients from sectors A to Z of business are satisfied users of our PR services

“Splendid customer relations event!” - Motorolla & Intel
““Paradigm Shift has always been on its toes when it comes to PR mileage for Mirae Asset. We appreciate your efforts and hope this synergy continues for years to come and strengthens with passing times” Jisang Yoo, CEO, Mirae Asset Global Investment (India) Pvt Ltd ” - Mirae Asset